Mark Adams Port Melbourne passion goes back to 1985 being the time that the Adams Family developed the beachfront property known as Station Pier Condominiums. The family after successfully operating the 60 townhouses as Serviced Apartments as well as Docks Restaurant and conference center decided in 2003 to divest their interests and subdivide the land into two parcels.

The rear section having 44 townhouses were sold to individual buyers in association with Mark Adams Real Estate who was instrumental to the successful sales.

The front part of the development which included 3000 sqm of beachfront land contained the remaining 16 townhouses & was demolished and subdivided into 11 blocks of land and sold by Mark Adams to individuals to build luxury townhouses.

In addition to Mark’s Port Melbourne ties, he has assisted numerous other property developers to succeed with their dreams. Mark Adams Real Estate assisted the developer of the Marine Apartments with the purchase of the site and sellout of the highly successful eight-level building encompassing over 40 apartments.

The company has also sold apartments in many other beachfront buildings and believes it truly offers the service as a lifestyle property agent

“From the Beach to the Snow”